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               SECURITY, INC.

Security Assessment and Training

ICI offers highly specialized training programs tactics to provide Pro-Active, Security Assessment and Protective Security for Maritime Services, Passenger Terminal Airports and Government Agencies, Corporations, World Wide. Including Security and Surveilance Sweeps.

ICI International Security, Inc. announces their highly specialized training programs, tactics to provide Pro-Active, Security Assessment and Protective Security for Government Agencies, Corporations, World-Wide. These services are provided in the following protocols: Enhanced Incident Management, Major Emergency Disaster Planning, and Law Enforcement.

ICI programs are highly acclaimed worldwide and compliment your mantra of providing “Pro-active, Preventive and Protective security measures” These programs can be taught internationally or at uniquely configured locations in the U.S. (see TEEX profile Below).
The courses are designed to address elementary subjects for new staff, to advanced tactical training designed to maintain senior staff with current security scenarios and potential global threats.
Disaster management is a key element which encompasses a wide variety of specialized topics related to disaster management, bio-chemical hazards, and nuclear threats.
Courses are arranged in three phases to address critical topics in today’s challenging world.


Awareness Level Courses
Critical Infrastructure Key Resource Awareness
Management and Planning Level Courses
Threat & Risk Assessment
Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness
Incident Management/Unified Command for CBRNE and Terrorism Incidents
Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment
Disaster Management for Public Services
Public Information in a WMD/Terrorism Incident
Bioterrorism: Mass Prophylaxis Preparedness & Planning
Crisis Leadership and Decision-Making for Elected Officials
Disaster Preparedness for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
Senior Officials - Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater
Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Advanced Incident Management / Unified Command
Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Operations and Planning for All Hazards
Incident Command Systems Forms Review
Enhanced All Hazards Incident Management Unified Command Course


Weapons Training and Handling
Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics
Intuitive Defensive Handgun
Advanced Intuitive Defensive Handgun
TAC Handgun Instructor Development
High Performance Handgun
Basic Carbine Skills
Close Quarters Carbine Skills
Tactical Carbine Patrol Rifle Instructor Development
Patrol Rifle Operator Program
Basic Shotgun Skills
Rapid engagement shotgun Skills
TAC Shotgun Instructor Development
Concealed Carry Tactics
Diminished Light and Laser Tactics
Multi-platform less lethal chemical munitions Instructor


Trainings on IEDS and Explosives
Training on Biological, Chemical, Radiological and Nuclear Treats
Training on Disaster Management
Training on prevailing security scenarios and the latest intelligence inputs pertaining to the formation, collaboration, merger, or renaming of the terrorist outfits and their latest procurements.



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