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The decision to hire an ICI uniformed security officer should be based on whether it is more important to deter people or to catch them. Keeping people honest is cheaper and much less time consuming than catching them in an act of dishonesty. Deterrence is preferable. If you catch an employee stealing, you will have to hire and train a replacement. If you decide to have them prosecuted, you will spend many hours away from your business and will be tied up in court.

A uniformed officer can be very effective in deterring customers and employees in gross acts of dishonesty. For example, a parking lot security officer who makes regular rounds and investigates car alarms can cause a thief to go elsewhere. An officer checking departing employees at a warehouse has a huge impact on theft.

Plain clothes security officers, on the other hand are essential for stopping shoplifters. You have to either catch them or force them out of your store. The security officer must be very good at reading people and their behaviors in order to differentiate between regular customers and (potential) thieves. Experienced shoplifters, at least the ones who are more cautious, can be deterred by the presence of proactive uniformed or plain clothes security. Casually following a suspected shoplifter is usually effective.

• An ICI Security Officers role is to PROTECT people and the property of their contracted clients.
• An ICI Security Officers responsibility BEFORE an incident/offense has occurred is PREVENTION.
• An ICI Security Officers responsibility DURING or AFTER an incident/offense has occurred is to OBSERVE and REPORT.

How ICI Security Officers PERFORM their job:
The major responsibility of an ICI security officer is prevention BEFORE an incident/offense occurs. Thus, an ICI security officer will be highly visible. By being seen, the officer may discourage anyone who might be considering theft, damage, or personal injury. An ICI security officer’s job is PREVENTION. To do the job well, the ICI security officer MUST:
• Be alert
• Listen
• Watch

What is a sign that an ICI security officer is doing a good job:
The absence of incidents or offenses (crimes) is one sign that an ICI security officer is doing a good job.

What will an ICI security officer do if an incident/offense does occur:
If an offense occurs, an ICI officer will not charge in. Instead, the security officer will remain calm:
• Observe and remember events.
• Report to the police and the security officer’s supervisor (fellow employer policy).

An ICI security officer is assigned to protect specific people and property. This may include detecting some of the same offenses that would cause a peace officer to act, such as a fight or burglary. But it would not include other offenses such as motor vehicle traffic violations.

An ICI security Officer may be responsible for maintaining certain company rules established by the client (company). These could include:
• Requiring employees to show their badges when entering the property; or
• Inspecting lunch pails as employees leave the plant; or
• Monitoring safety standards and reporting hazards; blocked exits, fire safety, slippery floors, etc.
An ICI security officer’s supervisor or the client (company) will provide him/her instructions on helping employees observe company rules and policies.
An ICI security officers concern is to protect persons and prevent damage or destruction to property. PREVENTION is the key word.
• Observe carefully and
• Report immediately to the local law enforcement and to their supervisor.
Security officers role: REPORT AN INCIDENT
DURING OR AFTER the incident:
If a serious HEALTH MATTER or injury occurs, ICI Security Officers are to assist in care, call emergency services. And when possible call for Law Enforcement ASSISTANCE.
CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. Even police officers are encouraged to call for help (back up) in medical or dangerous situations.



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