ICI INTERNATIONAL                            Cage#  7FAJ2
               SECURITY, INC.

ICI is uniquely qualified and has provided background investigations and psychological testing for pilots as well as other airline personnel based in the Middle East. ICI’s Global Watch Data Base and investigative protocols are paramount for all Airlines, especially those where pilots are licensed in countries other than the airline’s country of origin.

ICI International Security, Inc. a multinational full service security provider with advanced training protocols, and counter terrorism programs. ICI specializes in:

• Unarmed and armed security officers.
• Corporate security, uniformed or concierge Officers
• ICI Security Officers are trained in CPR, AED, and Advanced First Aid.
• Security and Safety Analysis/evaluation of physical premises.
• Cyber security.
• Corporate due diligence.
• Law enforcement training.
• Enhanced incident management and unified command training.
• Background checks.
• Executive and VIP security (armed and unarmed).
• Maritime security.

ICI Provides Prisoner Transportation for Police Departments, authorized   in accordance with Chapter 493, Florida Statutes.

We can manage the training and operational needs in a number of disciplines, among them; firearms, tactical operations, tactical medicine, defensive tactics, patrol operations, high risk patrol operations, PSD (VIP security), physical security operations, maritime security operations, and anti-piracy operations.

Additionally, we have the capability of creating custom training packages that address identified needs of an organization.

Beyond training we also have the capability of sourcing logistical needs of organizations.

ICI personnel have conducted worldwide law enforcement and security training. ICI provides civil, and criminal investigations, and pre-employment background checks.

ICI maintains an international presence with associate offices and operatives in major countries worldwide including: China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, UAE, and Europe. Please contact us for additional information and to discuss how ICI can assist you with your security and investigatory needs.



     Member - Council of                                                            State of Florida                                                        World Association of  International Investigators                                                  License # B-140028                                               Professional Investigators
                                                                                                  License # A-130022